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Sanction: Based on various parameters, Bank will evaluate the loan application for your villa projects in Edappally & Kakkanad. Post evaluation it would release the sanction letter mentioning the amount of loan sanctioned and other terms and conditions of sanction.

Disbursement: The sanctioned amount is generally paid as installments. The disbursement is strictly subjected to terms and conditions stated in the sanction letter and other legal technical verifications of the property. Based on the transaction requisites, the concerned officer will inform you about the required property documents, transaction documents and other application forms for the loan and facility disbursement. You can get, almost all the required documents direct from bank.

Tax Benefit Information

Disbursement: Primarily, you should develop a through idea on the tax benefits and liabilities you can have on the property dealing of Luxury villas in Kakkanad. The idea of purchasing or constructing a property will saves lot of taxes and builds an asset. The tax benefits are completely depended on the government’s rulebooks. The disbursement is based on the conditions specified in the income tax certificate that serves as the mandatory proof to let you avail of tax benefits. 

EMI, Area & Loan Eligibility Calculator

Once you are well-informed about the loan amount you are eligible for, learn about the Equated Monthly installment or EMI that you need to pay towards your loan repayment.

Area Converter calculator aids you in converting a particular area into its corresponding units in Square Meter, Square Feet, Acre, Hectare, Are and Cent. The calculation is not as difficult as it sounds. You can enter details of an area corresponding to your requirement in any one of the Input boxes. You can know the area conversion in 5 different units, corresponding to the figure you have entered by just clicking the calculate button.

Home is one of the biggest investments in life. Not all of us will hold ready-cash in hand, when it comes to buying a new home and the next reliable way out is to get a loan sanctioned that equals the amount.Use our loan eligibility calculator to assess the loan amount you are eligible for. Take due care in entering the exact details in the columns provided to receive 100% accurate results.

EMI Calculator Once you are aware of the loan amount you are eligible for, it is important to know the EMI (Equated Monthly Installment) that you would need to pay towards your loan repayment.